Curtis Tate Published

PSC Postpones Hearing On Appalachian Power Rate Increase


Appalachian Power and Mon Power customers may have to pay more each month under proposals before the Public Service Commission (PSC). But the PSC is postponing one of the hearings.

The PSC was scheduled to hear evidence Tuesday for Appalachian Power’s request to recover $297 million in fuel costs from ratepayers.

Now the commission will hear that case on Oct. 4.

If approved, the request would add about $18 a month to the average residential customer’s bill.

Numerous local governments and individual ratepayers have filed comments in opposition.

Meanwhile, the PSC is scheduled next week to hear a request by Mon Power to charge customers for wastewater treatment upgrades to its Fort Martin and Harrison power plants.

The company is seeking PSC approval of the $142 million project so that both plants can remain in operation past 2025. That hearing is scheduled for Aug. 10 and 11.

The wastewater treatment project would keep the plants in compliance with Environmental Protection Agency rules.

Last year, the PSC approved similar retrofits for Appalachian Power’s John Amos and Mountaineer power plants, and Wheeling Power’s Mitchell power plant.

Appalachian Power is an underwriter of West Virginia Public Broadcasting.