Liz McCormick Published

Procter & Gamble Still Looking for New Hires

Procter and Gamble, P&G, Bounce, Martinsburg

Construction of the upcoming Procter and Gamble site in Martinsburg is well on track, but the company is still looking for 400 new hires to work the plant once fully built.

Since groundbreaking in September 2015, the Procter and Gamble site in Martinsburg has been the work zone for an average of 1,000 construction workers.



P&G officials say nine buildings will be located on the nearly 500-acre site, and all nine are seeking LEED certification – that stands for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design.


By 2019, about 700 total employees are expected to be on the site. So far, a total of 265 people have been hired, with most of those from West Virginia.


Sandy Hamilton is the Executive Director of the Berkeley County Development Authority. She says P&G has totally changed the state’s business climate.


“Once word got out that P&G’s here,” she noted, “that’s like a marketing finanza that you know, other companies in other areas of the world who didn’t know we existed, now they know we do.”


The West Virginia P&G site will be the largest Procter and Gamble site built in a decade. It will manufacture products like body wash, shampoo & conditioner, and fabric softener.


Bounce will be the first major brand made with production expected to begin in January 2018. It will be about four more years before the site is in full operation.


*Editor’s Note: This story originally indicated P&G in Martinsburg would make laundry detergent, however, this was not correct. The mistake has been removed.