Jessica Lilly Published

Officials Celebrate New Step Towards Consistant Safe Water in Wyoming Co.


A ceremony celebrating the effort to ensure quality drinking water for a community in Southern West Virginia was hosted on Tuesday.

The ceremony marked a milestone for the Bud/Alpoca Water System Upgrade Project. The upgrade ensures that an estimated 170 residential and commercial customers in the communities of Bud and Alpoca, in Wyoming County will have safe drinking water.

The project was awarded $520,000 through the Army Corps Sec 340 Southern West Virginia Infrastructure Program. The Section 340 program has helped to provide residents across southern West Virginia with modern water and wastewater systems.

The project comes after residents went months on a boil water advisory. A complicated business deal that took more than five years contributed to the 7-month-long boil advisory. The state public service  commission approved the acquisition sale of Alpoca Water to the PSD in April of this year.