NPR Investigation: Justice Owes Millions in Delinquent Taxes, Fines


On this West Virginia Morning, an NPR Investigation in 2014 found Justice was one of many coal mine owners across the country who had ignored millions of dollars in safety fines, putting miners at risk. At the time, Justice promised to pay all of his fines.

He didn’t. In fact, NPR has found he is now the nation’s top delinquent mine owner, owing more money than he did two years ago and NPR’s Howard Berkes reports his debts extend far beyond his coal mines.

Berkes also sits down with Ashton Marra for an in-depth interview explaining his findings, which include more than $3 million unpaid severance taxes in West Virginia, millions more of unpaid property taxes in Kentucky, and unfulfilled commitments to charitable organizations like the Boy Scouts and Cleveland Clinic.