Noted Authority of Independent Colleges to Speak at Davis & Elkins Graduation


Dr. Richard Ekman, President of the Council of Independent Colleges will serve as speaker for the 106th Commencement at Davis & Elkins College on Saturday.

“I’m going to try to remind the graduates just how distinctive their education has been.  You know only 14% of college students enroll in these smaller liberal arts colleges and yet, by all measures, the experience that students have at this kind of institution is superior to the education experience at other kinds of institutions.  If you look at graduation rates.  If you look at post graduate involvement in the community and on the job there’s a lot of be said for this form of education.”

Ekman is an authority on the future of private higher education.  Since 2000, he has served as president of CIC, an association of 750 nonprofit independent colleges and universities and higher education organizations.