New Artist Series on WVLearningMedia


ArtVoiceWV is a new collection of artist videos and corresponding art lesson plans on West Virginia LearningMedia.  After receiving positive reviews of our In the Making Collection, a similar project which


Printmaking in the style of Jan Heath

linked artist videos with art lessons,  do art in the style of …series we were approached by Jack Kelly a long time public broadcasting producer.  Jack has created a series of beautiful videos looking at the process of artistic inspiration. Jack has focused on West Virginia artists.  Once again, WVPB collaborated with our 2016 Digital Innovator, Rebecca Recco to create a marvelous set of art lessons with corresponding art videos. 

The intent of the art instruction videos is to provide any teacher the opportunity to have students learn about a particular artist and then to create art in that particular style.  The success of this series is told anecdotally by a middle school teacher in Calhoun County:  While she was out to dinner with her husband, she received a text from a student.  The student wanted to know where to get the video about the stained glass art project so he could do the project with his parents.


Art in the style of Chris Dutch

(Stained Glass in the Style of Chris Dutch.)  Since we have posted the first series about 1100 people have used the videos.  We are hopeful the ArtVoiceWV Collection will have a similar impact. 

Have fun, check it out.  You too can be an artist.