Mountain Stage Archive Project: Sharing 30 Years of Great Performances


Bill Lynch has a big story in the Charleston Gazette about the Mountain Stage Archive, and the fundraiser for it coming up on May 17.

Here’s how he describes the archive in the article:

“Turn ‘Mountain Stage’executive producer Adam Harris loose in the show’s archives and the 30-year-old turns into a total fan.

“He almost can’t stop pulling tape cases off the shelves or picking through boxes to look at things.

“It’s kind of fascinating to watch.

“In 2005, when Harris first joined “Mountain Stage” as an intern, one of his first tasks was to organize the cardboard boxes of tapes and assorted material the live stage and radio program accumulated over the years. Now, he’s trying to do that again.

“Only this time, he wants to make sure the recordings, some 2,000 hours’ worth, are organized, cataloged and protected from the elements forever.”

It’s worth reading the whole article here:

UPDATE: ALL ACCESS tickets have sold out. If you haven’t purchased a ticket or reserved a seat but would like to participate in cocktail hour and the silent auction, a suggested donation of $50 is requested. If you can’t attend and would like to make a donation, simply click here.

And there’s still time to get tickets to our ALL ACCESS party and fundraiser for the archive: