Most Of W.Va.'s Businesses Are Small. How They Bounce Back After COVID-19 Is An Open Question


On this West Virginia Morning, we bring you our final story on how the coronavirus crisis is affecting small businesses in the state. Nearly all businesses in West Virginia are considered small, and research shows small businesses help drive change and innovation in the economy. We also bring you a special report from Us & Them host Trey Kay.

Loans for small businesses impacted by the coronavirus have been rolling out from the federal government over the past month. But getting a loan has been a frustrating, confusing experience for many small business owners. And many don’t know how their businesses will be impacted long-term by the pandemic. Brittany Patterson reports.

The coronavirus pandemic prompts many reactions from people. Some people can be overwhelmed with fear and anxiety. Others step up to help where they can. Trey Kay, host of WVPB’s program Us & Them splits his time living in West Virginia and in New York. A few weeks ago, he got a message from someone trying to help Eva Crockett, a traveling nurse looking to go help treat COVID-19 patients in New York City hospitals. This person wanted to know if Trey could help Eva find a place to stay.

So, Trey ran up a “Bat signal” on social media – asking his New York friends for help.  The response was overwhelmingly positive. A couple, Shelia and Manny, offered to host Eva. For Trey, New Yorkers helping a West Virginian willing to help New Yorkers felt like an “Us and Them” moment.

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