Eric Douglas Published

Morgantown Nursing Home Receives First Wave Of Vaccines


Sundale Nursing Home in Morgantown was the site of one of the first COVID-19 outbreaks in the state in March, where more than 50 residents and staff were infected in the early days of the pandemic.

West Virginia Governor Jim Justice this week reported that the Morgantown facility has been one of the first rehabilitation and long term care facilities in the state to receive doses of the Pfizer vaccine.

Michael Hicks, Sundale’s CEO, reports the facility held vaccinations Tuesday and again Friday.

“We’ve now vaccinated over 80 percent, I think it’s close to 85 percent of the residents we have here at Sundale.”

Had the state followed the federal government’s guidelines, the facility wouldn’t have started delivering vaccines until next week.

While the state continued its nursing home vaccine plan, U.S.Sen. Joe Manchin questioned why veterans were not included in the early roll out of people at risk. Justice said that the Veterans Administration is in the federal plan, but would be 100 percent supportive of including veterans in the vaccination rollout.