Brittany Patterson Published

Morgantown Driver In Critical Condition After Boulder Careens Across Road


Updated Tuesday, Feb. 11, 2020 at 11:50 a.m.

Two West Virginia University students aboard a Personal Rapid Transit, or PRT car, and the driver of a vehicle were transported to a Ruby Memorial Hospital in Morgantown Monday afternoon after a rock slide sent a small boulder careening onto U.S. 19 / Monongahela Boulevard. One woman, whose vehicle was struck by a boulder, is listed in critical condition.

According to an incident report from the Morgantown Police Department, a rock rolled down the hill and then smashed a car driven by 65-year-old Morgantown resident Susan Cramer. Parts of the rock also struck a PRT car. A university press release says two of the people taken to the hospital for evaluation were passengers on the PRT.

A spokesperson for the Morgantown Police Department said the names of students involved in the incident have not yet been released.

Ray Miller of WVU Medicine Marketing and Communications said Cramer is listed in critical condition. Miller was unable to provide specifics regarding Cramer’s injuries due to federal law that protects a patient’s right to privacy. The condition of the students involved in the incident remains unknown.

As of Tuesday, the PRT remains closed between the Beechurst and Engineering stations.  The roadway between 8th Street and Evansdale Drive has reopened, according to the university.

The PRT transports students between the Downtown and Evansdale campuses of WVU. 

According to information released by the PRT’s official Twitter account, a boulder struck a PRT vehicle between the Engineering and Beechurt stations.

Emergency services were called to the scene. Debris from the incident has closed multiple roads in the area, including a portion of Monongahela Boulevard. All lanes were closed on U.S. 19 South at WV 705 Monday evening.

Busses are currently running during the PRT’s closure.