Dave Mistich Published

Morgantown Drag Performer Who Reported Attack Files Paperwork to Discontinue Police Investigation


Updated: Thursday, June 13, 2019 at 4:05 p.m.

A Morgantown drag performer who told police they were attacked over Memorial Day weekend has filed paperwork to discontinue an investigation into the incident. Local police say they found inconsistencies in the alleged victim’s account of the incident and are following up on the matter.

According to a Thursday news release from the Morgantown Police Department, Jared Rote filed a form Tuesday, June 11 to discontinue the investigation. Police said he came into the offices on his own to sign that form.

Morgantown Police communications manager Andrew Stacy said in a Thursday email to West Virginia Public Broadcasting that the form Rote completed is voluntary and not commonly used.

“The MPD’s initial investigation into the alleged assault revealed several inconsistencies with the original story and the MPD is actively following up on those inconsistencies,” Stacy said. 

Rote initially told police he was attacked on the Pleasant St. Bridge while walking home in the early morning hours of Sunday, May 27. Police interviewed Rote and conducted a foot patrol in the area in which he claimed the attack took place. They found no suspects or any evidence of an attack.

According to a police report, Rote was unable to provide a description of the attackers. Officers said they did observe several minor lacerations to his chest, face and arms.

In a Thursday afternoon Facebook post, Rote stated part of his reason for requesting police to end the investigation was a result of harassment and quote “cruel comments” he received following the alleged attack.

LGBTQ rights advocacy group Fairness West Virginia expressed support of Rote following the alleged incident. A representative of the organization said Thursday they reached out to him but had not been in contact.

Attempts by West Virginia Public Broadcasting to contact Rote by phone and online have been unsuccessful.