Curtis Tate Published

More EZPass Lanes Coming To West Virginia Turnpike Next Year


Changes are coming to the West Virginia Turnpike’s toll collection system.

Starting early next year, more EZPass lanes will be available at the West Virginia Turnpike’s toll plazas. 

Jeff Miller, executive director of the West Virginia Parkways Authority, told state lawmakers Tuesday that the system is getting its first upgrade since 2008. The new system can change lanes to EZPass only, depending on traffic volumes.

Among other changes, Miller said the North Beckley toll plaza will go cashless. Drivers will either have to have an EZPass account and transponder, or they will be mailed a bill based on their license plate.

Miller said the EZPass capture rate has doubled in six years to about 70 percent.

“(In) 2017, that was at 34 percent, so we’ve almost doubled the amount of EZPass transactions that we have,” Miller said.

Not only does EZPass help reduce congestion at toll plazas, especially in the summer and around holidays, Miller said, it also helps alleviate staffing issues. It’s become harder to recruit toll collectors, he said.