Curtis Tate Published

Mon Power Solar Projects Will Cost Electricity Users Less Than Planned

Two people can be seen working on eight solar panels. The two men are wearing blue shirts and ball caps.
Mountain View Solar workers installing solar panels on a roof.
Matt Hovermale/Mountain View Solar

Mon Power customers will pay a lower surcharge for three solar projects.

Last year, the West Virginia Public Service Commission (PSC) gave Mon Power conditional approval to build the solar projects at a cost of $102 million.

Electricity users would pay a surcharge to cover that cost, coming out to 42 cents a month for the average residential customer.

Now, due to tax credits in the federal Inflation Reduction Act, enacted by Congress a year ago, Mon Power said the surcharge will be 14 cents a month, a third of what it was previously, starting on Jan. 1.

Mon Power projects the surcharge will go down even more to 11 cents a month in 2026.

Construction is already underway at the three sites, at Fort Martin, Rivesville and Marlowe.

The projects were also enabled by Senate Bill 583, which state lawmakers enacted in 2020.