Curtis Tate Published

Manchin: U.S. Can Produce More Oil To Offset Russian Imports


U.S. Sen. Joe Manchin drew big bipartisan support for his bill to ban oil imports from Russia.

The Ban Russian Energy Imports Act would block imports of crude oil, petroleum products, liquefied natural gas and coal.

Manchin’s bill aims to punish Russia’s Vladimir Putin for waging war against Ukraine.

Manchin said U.S. energy producers could make up for it by increasing production to where it was before the coronavirus.

“The United States of America in 2019 produced 12 million barrels a day – 12.3 – we’re down to 11.2 because of COVID,” he said. “The market dropped off. We have no problem at all ramping back up with what we already have ready to go.”

U.S. consumers have already seen a spike in energy prices from last year because of a sharp rise in demand as the economy recovered from the pandemic.

A disruption in energy supplies could drive prices even higher.