Manchin Hears W.Va. Residents’ Thoughts on Iran Nuke Deal


Sen. Joe Manchin, D-W.Va., visited Preston County for a town hall meeting on Friday, Sept. 4. Manchin heard from residents about everything from education and Social Security to America’s debt problems, but much of the discussion revolved around the Iran nuclear deal.

Manchin told the crowd at the Craig Civic Center in Kingwood that he knows the majority of West Virginians don’t support a nuclear deal with Iran. He also says he still hasn’t made up his own mind yet.

Toni Weisberg, of Berkley County, was among several people at the meeting who oppose dealing with Iran because of its anti-American and anti-Israeli rhetoric.

“Why would we make a deal with the devil? Where the Ayatollah Khomeini hated us and has called us the great Satan in 1979? He hates us more today than ever,” she said.

Manchin says he will make a decision by Tuesday based on the facts and the information he has gathered from talking to people from around the state, nation and world.

President Obama has enough Senate votes to overcome any congressional attempt to undo the Iran nuclear agreement.