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Listen: Victoria Victoria Has Our Mountain Stage Song Of The Week

Singer with arms raised singing on stage.
Victoria Victoria is the brainchild of singer Victoria Elliot, who joins us on this week's Mountain Stage starting April 14, 2023.
Chris Morris/Mountain Stage

This week’s broadcast of Mountain Stage features a highly danceable set from vocalist Victoria Victoria, who brought along jazz-giant Charlie Hunter on guitar, performing songs from her new album Wayside for the live audience in Charleston, West Virginia. We’ll also hear from indie-art folk rocker Cass McCombs, bassist and songwriter Scott Mulvahill, Toronto-based songwriter Julianna Riolino, and California’s Steady Holiday.

Victoria Victoria is the North Carolina based brainchild of singer-songwriter-producer Tori Elliott. Our Song of the Week is the plaintive “Hardware Store,” where the subject roams the isles of the hardware store in anticipation of seeing a lost love-interest.

Tune in to this week’s episode starting Friday, April 7 on these public radio stations. Be sure you’re watching our podcast page for the newest episodes from our Spring season, and sign up for email updates to help plan your trip to be a part of a live-show.

musicians gather on stage to perform together
Host Kathy Mattea welcomes our guest artists back to the stage for the finale song on this week’s episode. Credit: Chris Morris/Mountain Stage