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Listen: Kyshona’s ‘Cleft Of The Rock’ Is Our Mountain Stage Song Of The Week

Kyshona performs live on Mountain Stage in 2022.
Kyshona performs live on Mountain Stage in 2022.
Chris Morris/Mountain Stage

On this week’s encore episode of Mountain Stage, we welcome Peter Mulvey, who is joined by Michigan based string-duo SistaStrings, who have a set of their own earlier in the show.

We’re also joined by the incomparable Jill Sobule, plus a duo performance from cellist Ben Sollee and vocalist Scott Smith, who preview their upcoming release as Smith & Sollee.

Our Song of the Week comes from the powerful voice and insightful songwriting of Kyshona.

She began her career as a music therapist, writing her first songs with her patients – the students and inmates under her care. She soon found the need to write independently and find her own voice, an endeavor which led her to the fertile ground of the Nashville creative community and songwriting culture.

Written along with Micah Dalton, “Cleft of the Rock” is included in Kyshona’s 2021 release Live from the Sanctuary, and her performance of the song, backed by members of the Mountain Stage Band and vocalists Maureen Murphy and Nickie Conley, is our Song of the Week.

Join us for this week’s episode on these NPR stations starting Friday, Jan. 27, and visit our Upcoming Live Shows to plan your trip to Almost Heaven.

Peter Mulvey performing with SistaStrings, Monique Ross (cello) and Chauntee Ross (violin). Credit: Chris Morris/Mountain Stage
Monique Ross on cello, and Chauntee Ross on violin, SistaStrings. Credit: Chris Morris/Mountain Stage
Witty singer-songwriter Jill Sobule performs on Mountain Stage this week, starting April 8, 2022. Credit: Chris Morris/Mountain Stage
Scott T. Smith and Ben Sollee comprise the duo of Smith & Sollee. Credit: Chris Morris/Mountain Stage