Land, Water Conservation Fund Stabilization Could Have Positive Downstream Effects


On this West Virginia Morning, last month, President Donald Trump signed into law the Natural Resources Management Act, a public lands bill that reauthorized a little-known, but important program — the Land and Water Conservation Fund. Millions of dollars from the LWCF have been spent across the Ohio Valley.

As Brittany Patterson reports, reauthorization of this program is a rare bipartisan win, and some of the bill’s provisions will make long-awaited public lands projects in the region a reality.

Also on today’s show, last week marked the 40th anniversary of the Three Mile Island nuclear accident in central Pennsylvania. The partial meltdown did not lead to large releases of radiation, but it helped turn public opinion away from nuclear energy.

In Japan, a far more devastating nuclear disaster occurred eight years ago this month. State Impact Pennsylvania’s Susan Phillips traveled to the site of that accident on Japan’s east coast and learned how that incident had a similar impact.

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