Randy Yohe Published

Justice Picks Del. Larry Pack As New Senior Advisor

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Gov. Jim Justice said in a release that Del. Larry Pack, R-Kanawha, brings rich private sector experience to the executive branch.

“Larry is a dear friend and trusted advisor to me on a range of issues,” Justice said. “He will bring a wealth of wisdom to my administration from his decades of private sector activity. This position is perfect for Larry because he truly loves this state and wants to give back in public service differently than he has before.”

Serving the 35th District, Pack said recently selling Stonerise, his network of 17 transitional and skilled nursing care centers in West Virginia and Southern Ohio, gives him plenty of additional time on his hands.

He said his family history is steeped in small and big business, and his 25 years as a CPA provides him with a broad knowledge of how to do business in West Virginia.

“I’ve learned how to do business, how not to do business and how difficult it can be to do business in West Virginia,” Pack said. “That’s probably why I’ve been active in politics for many years, trying to create an environment in West Virginia that’s business friendly. Running for the House was part of that progress.”

He said the time is ripe to convince expatriate West Virginia career people that they are needed back.

“It doesn’t matter what type of issue you’re trying to solve in West Virginia, we need a workforce to meet those demands,” Pack said. “Those are things that I would emphasize and work on, things that the governor is also very passionate about and we line up really well on.”

Pack said he will continue his mission to fight food insecurity in West Virginia.

“Yes, I’m a conservative but I think what we have to focus on is not the ‘why’ people are hungry, it’s just meeting their needs,” Pack said. “I’m very proud that Gov. Justice is the first governor to put a line item ($10 Million) in his budget for food insecurity.”

Pack said securing his House of Delegates replacement will be a two-step process. The Kanawha County Republican Committee committee will pick three names and send them to the governor, who will select a replacement for the remainder of his term.

Pack’s name will be removed from the fall ballot for the newly created 56th House District. The Kanawha County Republican Committee will select a candidate for the ballot. Pack said he will offer suggestions.

The governor’s new senior advisor said he will continue serving as a board member on the Republican National Committee.