Justice Leads Cole in West Virginia Poll


Democrat Jim Justice holds a slight lead over Republican Bill Cole in the governor’s race.  The MetroNews West Virginia Poll was released today. 

Rex Repass of Repass Research and Consulting released the results of the West Virginia Poll this morning at the state chamber’s business summit in White Sulphur Springs.

“Mr. Justice has about a nine percentage point lead over Bill Cole at this early date with 17% undecided. A lot of that may be name recognition and Mr. Justice certainly has name recognition because of his position as owners of the Greenbrier hotel. But at this point in time very early, but Mr. Justice has about a 9 percentage point lead over Bill Cole, the President of the state senate.”

Justice also leads the race over his Democratic primary opponent, Senate Minority Leader Jeff Kessler. Forty percent of polled voters say they favor Justice to Kessler’s 34 percent with 26 percent of voters undecided.

The poll shows that if Kessler wins the primary, Cole would beat him in the general election. 44 to 35 percent with 21 percent undecided.

The West Virginia Poll is a nonpartisan survey of public opinion and has been measuring political outcomes since 1980.   MetroNews partnered with the research firm on this year’s poll.