Huntington Mayor Provides Best Community Competition Update

Mayor Steve Williams ABC's

Huntington Mayor Steve Williams provided the first of quarterly update on Huntington’s progress meeting its America’s Best Community Goals. 

Since Huntington was named one of the eight finalists in the America’s Best Community Competition in April, the city has carefully constructed an outline to begin meeting some of the goals they established for the competition. 

As part of the Huntington Innovation Project the city has established three teams.

  • Reader Team
  • Ambassador Team
  • Social Media Team.                                                                                                                                                

Huntington Mayor Steve Williams said the community has to buy-in to the plans for things to work properly. 
“What we’re doing necessarily requires input from every person in every neighborhood,” Williams said.  “And I need for them to be engaged.”

 The Reader Team will look over the other 7 finalists’ projects, the ambassador team will be spokesman for Huntington’s project, and the social media team will share updates online. The city has also established a link on its webpage devoted to the project. And t here will be social media challenges throughout the next year to drum up support.