Hundreds Still Seek Aid After Historic 2016 Flood


On this West Virginia Morning, we revisit some areas hard hit by the historic flood of 2016. We also hear the latest legislative action from the West Virginia statehouse.

The West Virginia Senate Judiciary Committee has approved a bill that would create an intermediate appellate court system. As Dave Mistich reports, the committee adopted amendments changing the way judges would take seats on the proposed bench. Senate Bill 275 now heads to the upper chamber’s Finance Committee.

RISE is the state’s federally funded flood recovery program. Its charge is to rebuild or replace the homes of displaced 2016 flood victims. But it’s been a painfully slow process for those impacted. Emily Allen recently visited Greenbrier County, where she met one of hundreds of West Virginians still displaced.

On last night’s episode of The Legislature Today, Allen also spoke with three members of the Joint Committee on Flooding – Sen. Steven Baldwin of Greenbrier County, Sen. Glenn Jeffries of Putnam County, and Del. Dean Jeffries of Kanawha County. Allen spoke with them about the efforts of the RISE program and about a bill they hope will help victims of the 2016 flood.

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