How The Coronavirus Pandemic Is Affecting Kids, A Week Of Child-Focused Stories


All this week on West Virginia Morning, West Virginia Public Broadcasting is featuring stories about how kids are being affected by the coronavirus pandemic – including some of the state’s most vulnerable.

Food banks and pantries across the Ohio Valley are seeing a spike in demand as a record number of people are filing for unemployment. Meanwhile, some farmers are facing a financial crisis sitting on excess food they can’t sell. On Friday, the United States Department of Agriculture said it would provide at least $3 billion to purchase excess farm products to send to food banks. The Ohio Valley ReSource’s Liam Niemeyer has more on efforts to send that food to food banks and provide some relief to farmers.

For many children in West Virginia, school is a respite; it’s a place where they get two meals a day and where teachers and counselors keep watchful eyes over them. But schools have been closed for a month and will remain closed for at least another two weeks due to the coronavirus pandemic. The situation has child welfare workers concerned that children in vulnerable situations may be going unnoticed. Emily Corio has the story.

In the mid-20th century, Charleston, West Virginia was a major stop for black musicians, who traveled to Baltimore and D.C. on what was known as the “Chitlin’ Circuit.” Most of them came to visit and put on shows inside a neighborhood known as The Triangle. It was one of West Virginia’s most culturally diverse communities, but it was decimated in the 1960s and 70s. The Inside Appalachia team has been listening to the stories of residents, and those who used to visit this neighborhood, before urban renewal, a water company, and a major interstate overpass replaced hundreds of homes and businesses. Let’s listen to an excerpt of the story, reported by Eric Douglas and Roxy Todd.

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