Curtis Tate Published

How Much Do You Pay For Electricity? It Depends On Where You Live


Appalachian Power’s West Virginia customers pay the highest average bills in the state.

According to filings this week with the Public Service Commission, the average monthly Appalachian Power bill in West Virginia is $155.

Mon Power and Potomac Edison customers in West Virginia pay $105 a month, according to recent filings.

Appalachian Power’s Virginia customers pay less, even though the power is generated by the same coal and natural gas plants.

An average monthly Appalachian Power bill in Virginia is $117.

Appalachian Power serves the southern half of West Virginia and southwest Virginia. Mon Power serves the northern half of West Virginia, while Potomac Edison serves the Eastern Panhandle.

Appalachian Power and Mon Power have both asked the PSC for rate increases this month. If approved, Appalachian Power’s request would add $18 a month to the average bill, while Mon Power’s would add $9.

The increases are driven by a spike in the price of coal. At the end of August, Central Appalachian coal was $65.80 a ton. Last week, it was $117.05 a ton.

Demand for coal has surged as natural gas prices have spiked.

Appalachian Power is an underwriter of West Virginia Public Broadcasting.