High School Seniors Buck Party Politics, Survey Shows


On this West Virginia Morning, a new poll of West Virginia high school seniors shows that young people may not be as tied to party politics as you might think. The poll was conducted by Inspire West Virginia — a nonpartisan organization that encourages high school students to be civically engaged — and 100 Days in Appalachia, a media partner of West Virginia Public Broadcasting.

Glynis Board recently sat down with Ashton Marra to discuss the results. Formerly a member of our team, Ashton is now the digital managing editor of 100 Days in Appalachia.

Also on today’s show, Americans go to the polls today, and the issues motivating them are wide-ranging.  It’s easy to forget that when we talk about how this race or that race could affect which party controls Congress. So, how are voters feeling?

Chery Glaser, of KCRW in California, hosts another episode of “Red State Blue State”, our weekly chat between Trump Country and the Blue Bubble. This week, two listeners talk it out.

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