Jessica Lilly Published

Groups Offer Workshops on Shaping State Policy


A group working to change policy in West Virginia to improve communities and end child poverty in the state is hoping to get input on how to do it, from residents. Organizers at the Our Children Our Future campaign are hosting four workshops this month.

The Our Children Our Future Campaign is conducting day long trainings in four separate towns across West Virginia. The group touches on issues like policy advocacy, healthy lifestyles, voter education, and more.

The group wants residents to attend the events and is encouraging them to get involved in decision-making for West Virginia from the bottom-up.

Policy Workshops:

Southern Region  in Lewisburg on July 17

  • Construction of Energy Efficient Affordable Housing
  • Juvenile Justice Reform
  • Substance Abuse Policies: Umbilical Cord Testing
  • Domestic Violence Unemployment Compensation
  • Substance Abuse Policies: Prescription Psuedophed
  • Mandatory Video Cameras for Police Officers

Northern Region in Clarksburg on July 22

  • Ramp It Up: A Healthy Foods Initiative
  • Funding for Family Resource Networks & Centers
  • Worker-Owned Cooperative Businesses
  • Parent Engagement & PTA
  • Workplace Bullying
  • Voluntary Employment Retirement Accounts (VERA)
  • In-Home Visiting Program Expansion
  • Solar Hollow: Logan Co. Solar Panel Installation Pilot Project

Central Region in Hurricane on July 24

  • Erin’s Law: Child Sexual Abuse Prevention
  • Sustained Funding for Children’s Trust Fund
  • Farmers’ Market Policy Issues
  • Workforce Development: Job Training & Job Placement
  • Ban the Box:
  • Paid Sick Days / Family Leave
  • Substance Abuse Policies: Parental Drug Abuse
  • Solar Hollow: Logan Co. Solar Panel Installation Pilot Project

Eastern Region in Martinsburg on July 29

  • Medicaid Mental Health Therapy
  • Foster Kids’ Bill of Rights
  • Buy American
  • Erin’s Law: Child Sexual Abuse Prevention
  • Tobacco Tax
  • Perinatal Oral Health Policies
  • Substance Abuse Funding