Chris Schulz Published

Governor Extends Legislative Session

A gold-accented dome extends up in to a night sky darkening from a lighter blue lower in frame to a dark night blue higher in frame. Below the dome can be seen the larger building, with lights illuminated in the windows.
A view of the state capitol dome at night.
Perry Bennett/WV Legislative Photography

Gov. Jim Justice has extended the legislative session to address the state’s budget. 

The governor issued a proclamation Thursday extending the Legislature’s regular session by one day to Sunday, March 10. The proclamation states that “no matters other than the Budget Bill shall be considered during this extension of the regular session.”

An extension is required by the state Constitution if a budget bill hasn’t been completed three days before the end of the session. The budget bill is the only legislation that the state constitution requires the Legislature to pass each year.

A potential clawback of federal money due to education spending was announced last week that required changes to appropriations as recently as Tuesday

Extending session to address the budget was the norm for many years, but recently legislative leadership has prided itself on completing the budget within the 60 day session.