Dave Mistich Published

Gov. Tomblin Cuts or Vetoes Nearly $67 Million in Budget


The budget bill signed Thursday by Gov. Earl Ray Tomblin makes line item vetoes and cuts totaling nearly $67 million. Programs affected include those for seniors, children, libraries, State Police, higher education workforce development, and the newly formed Sexual Assault Forensic Examination Commission.

In a letter to Secretary of State Natalie Tennant dated Wednesday, March 19, Tomblin outlined 42 objections to the budget that was passed by the legislature last week.

Some of the major cuts Tomblin has proposed are:

  • Senior Citizens Centers and Programs from $2,284,750 down to $1,000,000
  • Sexual Assault Forensic Examination Commission from $150,000 down to $100,000
  • Libraries – Special Projects from $768,250 down to $0
  •  Domestic Violence Legal Services Fund from $400,000 down to $370,000
  • In-Home Family Education from $1,000,000 down to $750,000
  • 21st Century Innovation Zones from $466,144 down to $266,144
  • Local Economic Development Assistance from $4,688,940 down to $1,850,000

A detailed look at all of the cuts and line item vetoes can be found below: