Gov. Justice Outlines Budget Priorities During Annual Address To Lawmakers


On this West Virginia Morning, Republican Gov. Jim Justice rolled out his legislative wish list last night for 2020’s 60-day session. Justice’s state of the state address touched on everything from economic opportunities to substance abuse and child welfare, outlining a smaller budget compared to previous years but also highlighting new policy proposals. Dave Mistich brings us a recap.

Also on today’s show, like many communities in Appalachia, Native American populations cope with some of the highest rates of health disparities and social dysfunction in the country.  

In the latest episode of West Virginia Public Broadcasting’s podcast Us & Them, host Trey Kay speaks with journalist Max Nesterak about his American Public Media documentary, “Uprooted: The 1950s Plan To Erase Indian Country.” Nesterak’s piece focuses on the federal government’s attempts to force indigenous people to assimilate into American culture by trying to move them from reservations to cities. 

Nesterak talks with Kay about how some Native Americans suffer from what’s called “ancestral trauma.”

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