Dave Mistich Published

Gov. Justice Opens Applications For Seats On New Intermediate Court


Gov. Jim Justice announced Thursday that applications for newly created judicial seats are now open.

According to a news release, the Judicial Vacancy Advisory Commission will accept applications for three seats on the Intermediate Court of Appeals through Oct. 11.

Following recommendations based on a list of qualified applicants, the governor will select three judges to fill staggered terms — after which elections will be held for each respective seat. Each seat comes with a salary of $142,000.

After years of attempts, West Virginia’s Republican-led Legislature passed Senate Bill 275 during the 2021 session to create the intermediate court system. It’s estimated to cost about $2 million annually.

The new layer of the state’s judiciary will hear appeals on final judgments in civil, family court, guardianship and workers’ compensation cases. The intermediate court of appeals will not have jurisdiction over criminal, juvenile justice or child abuse and neglect cases.

The new law calls for the intermediate court to be operational on or before July 1, 2022.