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Friends Across The Political Divide And Keeping The Nations Voter Rolls Clean, This West Virginia Week

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On this West Virginia Week, mental health continues to be in the spotlight with federal funds set aside to help finance multiple West Virginia programs.  We’ll also hear statistics from the recent mass distribution of the lifesaving Naloxone drug. And, more on West Virginia University and how faculty and students continue to grapple with widespread funding cuts.

There’s also good news for customers of Mountaineer Gas who can expect to see lower bills, and there’s new efforts to expand green technology in the state. 

We’ll also hear feature stories about science fiction and technology writer Corey Doctorow and ERIC – the Electronic Registration Information Center, and in this week’s US & Them we’ll hear how two friends manage to keep their relationship intact across the political divide.

Caroline MacGregor is our host this week. Our theme music is by Matt Jackfert.

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