Food Pantries Struggle with Glut of Surplus Milk


On this West Virginia Morning, milk is flooding into food banks across the country. The federal government is buying surplus milk from dairy farmers to help mitigate losses created by trade disputes. Free milk for food banks sounds nice. But is anything really ever free? Glynis Board found some Ohio Valley pantries struggling to put the milk to use.

Also on today’s show, the U.S. Surgeon General says teen vaping has become a major health problem, and a small device called the Juul is at the center of the issue. The Juul is already the vaping tool of choice for many teens. As the Ohio Valley ReSource’s Mary Meehan reports, health advocates warn that Juul’s recent merger with a tobacco giant could put more young people at risk of nicotine addiction.

And Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf kicked off the new year with an ambitious climate change goal. He wants to reduce the state’s greenhouse gas emissions 26 percent by 2025, and 80 percent by 2050. If that’s achievable, State Impact Pennsylvania’s Amy Sisk reports it will take a host of strategies.

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