Fixing Needle Exchanges without Demonizing People with Addiction


The Kanawha-Charleston Health Department’s needle exchange program has reduced disease and helped people with addiction find treatment.

But first responders and Charleston Mayor Danny Jones are upset at the proliferation of needles and people with addiction coming to their city.

On this Front Porch podcast, we debate how to protect first responders, the general public and the health of people with addiction — all without increasing the stigma people with addiction already face.

Also, host Scott Finn will be trading the green, rolling hills of West Virginia for the mean streets of Vermont. Rick Wilson will give some tips on how to survive…the maple-tree jungle.

Welcome to “The Front Porch,” where we tackle the tough issues facing Appalachia the same way you talk with your friends on the porch.

Hosts include WVPB Executive Director and recovering reporter Scott Finn; economist Jessi Troyan of the free-market Cardinal Institute; and liberal columnist and avid goat herder Rick Wilson, who works for the American Friends Service Committee.

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