First Elk Calf Since Reintroduction of Elk to State, Born


The first elk calf has been born to an elk reintroduced to Logan County in December.

The West Virginia Division of Natural resources announced Thursday the birth of an elk calf at the Tomblin Wildlife Management Area. It’s the first elk birth since the reintroduction of the animals to the state last December.

The DNR caught the birth when the calf passed by a camera that was set up in recent weeks to monitor the movement of a pregnant elk. According to the DNR there were 6 pregnant elk of the 24 that were reintroduced to the area, though two died soon after release.  DNR officials believe there is at least one other current pregnancy.

Elk were once native to West Virginia. Legislation in 2015 authorized the DNR to begin an elk restoration program, with the hope of economic and environmental benefits.