Feds OK Atlantic Pipeline Construction Restart


On this West Virginia Morning, federal regulators gave the Atlantic Coast Pipeline the green light to restart construction Monday. Brittany Patterson reports.

Also on today’s show, in the 1976 film ‘Bad News Bears’, a down-and-out and Budweiser-swigging Walter Matthau coaches a group of ragtag little leaguers and tries to whip them into shape.

If you’ve watched the film, you may have noticed the Bears’ sponsor — Chico’s Bail Bonds.

As a nod to the film, baseball and softball teams around the world have taken on Chico’s Bail Bonds as their own team name. And, there’s even one here in West Virginia — and on that team is our very own Dave Mistich.

He brings us this story about Morgantown’s Chico’s Bail Bonds — a team steeped in history, tradition and fellowship….and one that closely resembles the fictitious Bad News Bears.

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