Ashton Marra Published

Federal Aid in W.Va. Tops $111M 60 Days After Flood

Flood, Clendenin

More than 8,000 West Virginia households have contacted the Federal Emergency Management Agency for federal assistance since June’s flooding.

FEMA officials say 8,732 West Virginians have contacted the agency for help after high waters damaged or destroyed thousands of homes and businesses on June 30. That number is expected to increase, though, because the deadline to apply for assistance does not expire until September 7.

So far, the federal government has awarded $111 million in aid. About $32 million of that was awarded to homeowners and renters whose homes were deemed uninhabitable following the storm.

Another $44 million in low-interest loans through the U.S. Small Business Administration has been awarded to businesses, homeowners and renters to repair, rebuild and replace damaged property and personal items.

It’s been 60 days since flood waters ravaged many central and southeastern communities, but state officials say it could be after Labor Day before they have total damage estimates for the affected areas.

Transportation officials say roads and bridges suffered more than $55 million worth of damage and 5 schools have been closed as a result of the flooding.