Jim Lange Published

Eric Douglas: Author and Explorer


I am pretty much a home body and by Eric Douglas’ world traveling life, I could be called a house slug.

Eric is a renaissance man: writing, photography, many aspects of scuba diving, teaching and he takes on special projects like telling the stories of our vets. Despite the diversity of activities, he is no dilettante. He dives in (Oh, a pun!) with an iron determination to learn and master what interests him.

A writer tells his story through words. Listen to Eric tell his story.

By the way, Eric and I have known one another for a while and sometimes, in my exuberance, I step on (or interrupt) him a little too much. My apologies.

Part one: brief bio, exotic diving locales and one “hairy” experience.

Part two: A reading from his new book, Heart of the Maya. Very cool indeed.