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Eleanor Daley: Choirs of Angels


This Sunday, May 18th, you are in for a treat.

Do you sing in a choir? Like choral music? Do you like heavenly music set to exquisite poetry?

Eleanor Daley, one the most prolific and best-known choral composers, is coming to Charleston as part of the Charleston Civic Chorus’ Spring Concert. She has an international reputation as her music is performed and sold all over the world.

I could just say her music is heavenly, blissful, subtle and profound, but that might not translate to readers.

"For me, the text, the poetry, is what brings the music alive. The words are of utmost  importance."

Eleanor’s sensitive setting of the texts, the clarity and focus of the direction of the music, and the care and economy of every note might be a fair summing up of her style.

Listen to my interview:

Spring Concert Sunday, May 18, 2014 3:00 pm. ADMISSION IS FREE.

An afternoon with Eleanor Daley and her music

Dr. J. Truman Dalton, Artistic Director and Conductor
Randall Peters, Pianist and Organist
Eleanor Daley, Guest Composer, Conductor, and Accompanist

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