Education Resources for the Thanksgiving Break


The Turkey is in the oven and the family is gathering.  Be ready to bring some interesting conversation to the table.  Be able to talk about the life of a turkey or the typical cost of a Thanksgiving meal, you can find it all on West Virginia LearningMedia.  You can keep the conversation rolling with these lessons or use the information to create a trivia game to challenge even the hardiest Thanksgiving fans.

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What A Typical Thanksgiving Meal Costs In this infographic from KQED, explore the changes in costs of ingredients for a typical Thanksgiving meal from one year to the next. In the accompanying classroom activity, students consider the advantages and disadvantages of the graphical display used in the infographic.

Thanksgiving | All About the Holidays In this 1 minute video uncover the history behind the holiday!

The Making of a Turkey | My Life as a Turkey Travel with NATURE as the show looks at the development of the Turkey that we know today.  Do you know, which breed (wild or domestic) was served at the first Thanksgiving? The answer, most likely, is neither. Instead, the menu seems to have featured venison, seafood, duck, and goose. Though it is unclear exactly when turkeys and Thanksgiving became so closely entwined, the one thing that is obvious is that the turkey’s place on the table has been firmly established.

The Chemistry of Tender Turkey  To brine or not to brine, more importantly, follow the science behind cooking a moist, juicy turkey.

Enjoy the family and the holidays.