Drug Court Judge Shares Thoughts on Opioid Epidemic Solutions


On this West Virginia Morning, The Legislature Today Executive Producer Suzanne Higgins speaks with the director of the Oscar-nominated film Heroin(e) and two women featured in it. We bring you an excerpt with one of those women: Patricia Keller, family court and former longtime drug court judge, who discusses the work she’s doing in Huntington to fight the opioid epidemic.

Also on today’s show, Gwynn Guilford is a reporter for Quartz, a business news site. She recently spent nearly a year researching Appalachia’s economy for an article called “The 100-year capitalist experiment that keeps Appalachia poor, sick, and stuck on coal”. She looked at the long-term effects of the region’s economic challenges and how they’ve affected the people who live and are determined to stay in Appalachia. Roxy Todd spoke with Guilford about her report.

And we hear the Mountain Stage Song of the Week — critically-acclaimed “one-man orchestra of the imagination” Andrew Bird sings “Pulaski at Night”.