Curtis Tate Published

Doddridge County Selected As Site For Natural Gas-Fired Power Plant

Gas Plant (2).jpg

Competitive Power Ventures said Monday that it had selected Doddridge County as the site for its planned 1,800-megawatt, combined cycle natural gas plant.

The plant represents a $3 billion investment and will be among the first in the nation to use carbon capture and storage to reduce the plant’s carbon emissions.

The company says the plant’s construction will require 2,000 skilled workers.

The plant was announced in September, but the location wasn’t revealed until Monday.

At the federal level, a tax credit in the Inflation Reduction Act made the plant more economical. At the state level, West Virginia lawmakers this year enacted rules for carbon capture.

At the local level, county officials approved a payment-in-lieu-of-taxes agreement.

The company says the plant will be called the CPV Shay Energy Center. Shay is a type of geared steam locomotive that powered timber hauling railroads in West Virginia. Several are preserved and operating at the Cass Scenic Railroad State Park.

The plant will generate power for the PJM regional market, which includes West Virginia and 12 other Eastern states.