Did Teacher Strike Affect Early Voting in W.Va.?


On this West Virginia Morning, more than 68,000 West Virginians cast ballots early this year, according to the secretary of state’s office. That’s about 13,000 more than voted early in the 2014 midterm primary. Kara Lofton spoke with chairs of both the Republican and Democratic parties to talk about whether West Virginia’s recent teacher strike helped motivate the larger turnout.

Also on today’s show, all this week on West Virginia Morning we’re hearing from sixth and seventh grade students in Appalachian North Carolina. These pieces were crafted during a summer program of the Partnership for Appalachian Girls’ Education. The kids in the program worked with facilitators to write, edit, and voice “digital stories” about their lives. This morning we’ll hear from Megan Anderson — remembering blueberry picking with her Pawpaw.

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