Liz McCormick Published

Delegates Push for Transparency in Legislative Fundraising


Members of the House are considering a bill that changes the way lawmakers report political donations during the legislative session.

House Bill 2319 would require candidates running for legislative offices, or their candidate committees, to disclose any fundraising they do during the legislative session to the Secretary of State’s Office within 5 days of the fundraising event.

Delegate Jill Upson, a Republican from Jefferson County, is the lead sponsor of the bill.

“Constituents, they want to know what we’re doing,” Upson explained, “they want to know who’s influencing us, so even though receiving contributions during the session isn’t illegal, people just ought to know who we’re receiving money from.”

Upson says it’s not an issue she’s seen among her legislative colleagues, but it’s a law she feels ought to be on the books.

“I just think transparency is important,” she said, “I mean, we do have an issue with people saying they just don’t trust their representatives, and so this is just one way to rebuild that trust.”

House Bill 2319 will be on second reading Friday and eligible for amendments.