Curious George Makes Pancakes


Webster-Addison Public Library took the title of this classic Margaret & H. A. Rey book quite literaly when the Webster County Public Library hosted an Inquire Within Program.  Young patrons and their parents heard the story and spent several hours making crafts and yes, making pancakes. 

This day is part of the Inquire Within collaboration between WVPB and eleven libraries throughout the state.  WVPB helps libraries bring PBS content to its programs it offers to the communities.  It is a great win for everyone involved.  For WVPB we are bringing award winning, trusted early literacy content to the libraries.  The libraries in turn are using this content for programming.  

The program, funded it part by grants, focuses on early literacy and family engagement.  In the first few  months of the program, seven participating libraries have provided 22 content rich activities serving almost 600 children and their families.  As the libraries come on board we will continue to see these engagement events unfold.