Courts, Recovery and Bluegrass In A Pandemic


On this West Virginia Morning, we learn that not all courts are keeping open for the public during the coronavirus pandemic. Also, in this show, we hear one man’s story of maintaining recovery from substance use disorder in southern West Virginia. 

Reporter Kyle Vass spent some time with the state’s judicial system and found that while the West Virginia Supreme Court of Appeals has allowed courts to close some functions to mitigate coronavirus spread, the lower courts are still obligated to remain open to the media. 

This weekend’s episode of Inside Appalachia showcases stories from people maintaining their recovery from substance use disorder throughout the region. Many shows about addiction don’t always show the full range of a person’s experience – so, we have Ryan Elkins, a recovery coach in Lincoln County and a student a Marshall University, share with us his experience. 

Our Mountain Stage Song of the Week comes from the Bill Monroe and his 1989 performance of the bluegrass classic, “Uncle Pen,” from May 1989 in Charleston.

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