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Caring For Moms With Dementia And Our Song Of The Week This West Virginia Morning


On this West Virginia Morning, Mother’s Day is not always a happy day for everyone — like when mom has dementia and is forgetting the family she raised. News Director Eric Douglas is facing this very situation himself. 

For his ongoing series Getting Into Their Reality: Caring For Aging Parents, he spoke with Chris Schneider, the director of communications for the Alzheimer’s Foundation of America, about how to celebrate Mother’s Day when mom has dementia.

Also, a National Science Foundation-funded project will help West Virginia University expand neuroscience education throughout the state and a new software app aims to help sixth and seventh graders in southern West Virginia with their homework and access to academic resources. 

Our Song of the Week comes from Calexico. Their performance of “Cumbia de Donde,” from their album Edge of the Sun, is a bilingual masterpiece that puts an original spin on mariachi music. The Tex-Mex indie rockers made their fourth appearance on Mountain Stage this week.

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