Can A Split US Senate Work Together? MU Political Professor Shares Insight


On this West Virginia Morning, there is precedent for a 50-50 deadlocked U.S. Senate to work together, but in this hyper-partisan, extremely divided climate, can that happen? We explore this in a conversation with a Marshall University political science professor. Also, we share the latest in state news.

Lawmakers and advocacy groups, pushing to remove West Virginia’s attorney general, shared new details in a press conference on Tuesday. As Emily Allen reports, Democratic lawmakers say they are drafting a resolution they hope to introduce in the state House of Delegates next month.

A federal lawsuit says two Jefferson County school bus drivers were suspended in retaliation for attending demonstrations in the nation’s capital. But Jefferson County Schools say the employees were placed on paid leave while under investigation for possible illegal activity connected to that event. Liz McCormick has more.

State public health officials will visit Boone County’s local health department after an incident where residents were mistakenly given antibody treatments, rather than a vaccine for the coronavirus. As June Leffler reports, local health officials have suspended administrations of the vaccine pending a review by state officials.

The United States Senate is now locked in a 50-50 tie with equal numbers of Republicans and Democrats following the election of John Ossof and Reverend Raphael Warnock in the Georgia runoff elections. This is only the fourth time in the history of the United States this has happened. Reporter Eric Douglas spoke with political science professor Mary Beth Beller from Marshall University about what that tie means for the Senate moving forward.

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