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Cabell School Board Approves Personnel Layoffs, Transfers

Students raising their hands

The Cabell County Board of Education has voted unanimously to approve 61 layoffs and 97 transfers for professional and service personnel.

The Herald-Dispatch reports during a meeting Tuesday, board members approved 48 reductions in force, or RIFs, and 83 transfers of professional personnel. The board also approved 13 RIFs and 14 transfers of service personnel.

The RIFs and transfers stem from an expected loss of $2.6 million in state funding for the county for the 2016 fiscal year, which begins July 1. 

Officials say they hope some of those positions can be recalled once the district’s financial situation is clearer.

Board president Suzanne Oxley says while staff realignment isn’t something they’d like to do, the board must comply with statutory mandates and factor in budgetary issues as well.