Eric Douglas Published

Bulk Of Special Legislative Session Bills Involve Finances


The legislature also set up the framework for individuals and families to contribute to savings accounts that have special tax benefits to help pay for disability-related expenses.

Much of the work done in the special legislative session that ended last week revolved around changes to Congressional, state Senate and House of Delegates maps.

But 32 of the 40 bills passed during the session were special appropriations bills that passed with little to no discussion or debate.

The bulk of the appropriation bills either reallocated money from other budget line items, spent money available to the state through COVID-19 relief bills or drew money from previously unspent budget surpluses.

In total, supplementary appropriations covered more than a half a billion dollars. More than half of that money went to the West Virginia Department of Health and Human Resources.

Additional legislation included Senate Bill 3027 that established a Medal Of Valor for Emergency Services personnel, firefighters and law enforcement.