Bribery And Brain Tanning On This West Virginia Morning


On this West Virginia Morning, we hear from a girl in Appalachia who’s bucking some trends and embracing old traditions in the process. Also, in this show, we hear how a recent arrest of the Speaker of the Ohio House of Representatives could impact future energy policy throughout the region.

Last week, federal investigators arrested the speaker of the Ohio House of Representatives in what authorities are calling a multi-million-dollar bribery scandal. The investigation has rocked Ohio politics. Brittany Patterson reports on how it also could impact future energy policy around the region.  

There’s a group of women reviving the art of tanning animal hides here in Appalachia. It’s a traditional practice not only here, but all around the world. In recent years, though, certain tanning methods have fallen out of favor – including some that really require you to use your brains – literally. It’s called brain tanning. Folkways reporter Clara Haizlett, a brain tanner herself, brings us this story about women tanning hides in Athens, Ohio.

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